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 Quality tools from GEDORE


FLUKE Professional Devices 



The professional precision and True RMS digital multimeter Fluke 177 with high reliability and ease of use. Industry standard, with all features to troubleshoot and repair many problems in electrical and electronic systems. 

 The T140 2-pole tester is ideal for site conditions with a rugged construction and ergonomically formed housing for perfect handling. The model offers a patented three-phase rotation detection system providing quick phase rotation indication. Moreover they have a special electrical torch function for working in low light level environments and have an ingress protection rating of IP65. 




The Fluke 376 clamp meter offers improved performance perfect for a wide range of current measurement situations. With true-rms voltage and current measurements, the Fluke 376 can read up to 1000 V and 1000 A in both AC and DC modes.

Additionally, the Fluke 376 includes the new iFlex™ flexible current probe, which expands the measurement range to 2500 A AC while providing increased display flexibility, ability to measure around awkward sized conductors and improved wire access. The Fluke 376 is the direct replacement for the Fluke 337 Clamp Meter.

Environmental Data Acquisition    

Infrared camara Flir i7 for thermal imaging 

  • only 340 g in weight

  • IR resolution 120 x 120 px

  • Heat sensitivity < 0,1°C bei 25°C

  • no focusing required

  • 2,8" LCDdisplay

  • Temperature range -20°C bis +250°C







Portable flow meter PCE-TDS 100 for non-contact flow measuring of fluids using ultrasonic:

  • media: all liquids 
  • range: 0,01 ... 30 m/s
  • resolution: 0,0001 m/s
  • pipe dimension: 20 ... 100 mm
  • accuracy: ±1 % vom Messwert
  • ...

Hand-held Pyrometer Mini Sight Plus from Optris for measring surface temperatures 





Multifunktional Measurement Device PCE-EM882 for luminosity, noise level, temperature and relative humidity 

Hand-held Anemometer TA35 from Greisinger for measuring air velocities and air temperatures

Hand-held pH/°C device testo 206-pH1 from Testo for easy and quipk determination of pH-value and temperature in fluids.

RF Weather Station WMR 200 with integrated data logger, UV sensor and up to ten rf thermo-hygrometers   




Temperature Data Logger




Measuring temperatures and sending data wireless to the data logger WLS-Temp and WLS-IFC from the RedLab seriese (MEILHAUS)




Multi-channel Temperature Data Logger TL 309 for online-measurements and data logging using k-type thermocouples. On board storage of 16000 data sets (4000 each channel) and built-in RS-232 interface. Data processing with  computer software. 



Data Logger DL1 from RESOL for temperature  and solar data with remote surveilance of domestic heating systems


Simulation software LabVIEW from National Instruments for data processing and system controlling


Wattage / Energy Data Acquisition



Komfortables Energy-RF-Measruement System from ELV for electic power and gas. Data is sent wireless to the main unit and displayed and stored on a data logger. USB interface for reading data and processing data with a PC-software. 

Collects data from up to 12 system sensors (all wireless)


Elektronical single phase power meter BME11.25 from Glock for precise measurments of active energy. Power consumption < 0,5 W!


Digital current and power consumption devices Energy Meter 9025 from PeakTech  for easy measurements of electrical loads.


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